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Advanced Myofascial Techniques, Volume 2: Neck, Head, Spine and Ribs

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By: Til Luchau, B.A.
Soft Cover 9 7/8” x 9 7/8”
244 pages; 200 illustrations, including 56 3-D anatomical colour perspective renderings
ISBN: 978-1-909141-17-9

Product Description

Advanced Myofascial Techniques, Volume 2 is the second of two beautiful, information-packed guides to highly effective manual therapy techniques. Focusing on conditions of the neck, head, spine and ribs Volume 2 provides a variety of tools for addressing some of the most commonly encountered complaints. With clear step-by-step instructions and spectacular illustrations, each volume is a valuable collection of hands-on approaches for restoring function, refining proprioception, and decreasing pain.

Table of Contents

Foreword  vi

Preface  ix

Acknowledgments  xiii

Reviewers  xv

Online Resources  xvi

Part 1: Essentials

1. Working with Low Back Pain Pt I: Lumbar Space  3

2. Working with Low Back Pain Pt II: Mesentery and Rectus  13

3. Working with Low Back Pain Pt III: Psoas  25

Part 2 Lower Limb

4. Working with Breath Restrictions Pt I: Rib Restrictions  39

5. Working with Breath Restrictions Pt I: The Diaphragm  47

6. Preparing the Neck and Shoulders for Deep Work  55

7. Working with the Cervical Core  65

8. Working with the Scalenes  79

9. Working with the TMJ, Pt I: Masseter and Temporalis  89

Part 3 Pelvic Girdle

10. Working with the TMJ, Pt II: Digastrics  99

11. Working with the TMJ, Pt II: Masseter (Intraoral)  107

12. Working with the TMJ, Pt III: Pterygoids  127

13. Working with Whiplash, Pt I: Hot Whiplash  135

14. Working with the Nervous System Pt I: Gentle Techniques for Calming the Nervous System  145

Part 4 Upper Limb

15. Working with the Nervous System Pt II: Gentle Techniques for Calming the Nervous System  155

16. Working with Whiplash, Pt III: Cold Whiplash  163

17. Working with Headaches, Pt I: Musculoskeletal Headachest  171

18. Working with Headaches, Pt II: Understanding Migraines and Vascular Headaches  179

19. Working with Headaches, Pt III: Techniques for Migraines  155

20. Working with Neck/Shoulder Balance  163

21. Mastery: Strategizing and Sequencingt 171

22. Mastery: Closure and Integration  179

Index 187

About the Author

The son of a mathematician and an artist, Til Luchau delights in combining the technical and the beautiful in his manual therapy articles, which have appeared in magazines and professional journals worldwide. He is a Certified Advanced Rolfer® and former Faculty Coordinator of the Rolf Institute’s Foundations of Rolfing Structural Integration program, where in the early 1990s he originated Skillful Touch Bodywork (the Rolf Institute’s own training and practice modality). His company,, offers in-person and at-a-distance professional continuing education. Originally trained as a psychotherapist, Til’s ability to connect interdisciplinary, big-picture ideas to practical, real-world applications has made his trainings immensely popular.