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Curties-Overzet Publications offers discounts on large-scale orders and copies for preview/review.

Bulk Orders

The following qualify for 20% Discounts off the list price:

1.  Orders of 6-49 copies of an individual title or product
2.  Smorgasbord Discount: a combination order of 15 or more of our products

 Orders in this category have free shipping & handling.

 The following qualify for 35% Discounts off the list price:

1.  Orders of 50+ copies of an individual title or product

Orders in this category pay exact cost shipping.

For orders that combine categories: these will be treated as two orders so that you can maximize the available benefits. For example, if you want 60 copies of one title and a smorgasbord of 18 other products, these would be processed as two separate orders so that the smorgasbord order can receive free S & H

Preview/Review Copies

For schools where a book is being previewed as a potential required textbook, we offer a 50% discount on preview copies (limit of one item per institution). The purchaser pays exact cost shipping.

We trust that these features will make placing orders easier for you. We really appreciate your business as well as your comments and feedback. If you have any questions, call Robert toll free at 1-888–649-5411 or email him at



Quantity of Books


1-5 (of same product)

Regular Price

6-49 (of same product)


50+ (of same product)


15+ Different Products


Preview Copies*

 *One per item per institution