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Massage Therapy and Cancer

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By: Debra Curties, R.M.T.
Soft Cover
8.5" x 11"
68 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9685256-0-9

Product Description

People with cancer have a range of health care needs and considerations. The massage therapist working with the client who has cancer requires: a basic knowledge base about cancer; an awareness of contraindications and safety factors involving clinical judgement and decision-making; an understanding of how to adapt the massage therapy plan to be compatible with medical treatment protocols; and an appreciation of how to develop treatment plans which accommodate the various states and stages of health experienced by clients with cancer.

Massage practitioners often express concern about whether they have sufficient knowledge about cancer or understanding of how massage therapy interacts with cancer progression and cancer therapies. Massage Therapy and Cancer begins with an exploration of what cancer is and how it spreads, the rationales associated with medical treatment modalities, and the states of emotional and physical health experienced by cancer patients as a result of their illness and the treatments they usually receive for it. This information is then combined with current understanding of the effects, risks, and efficacies of massage therapy. The result is a manual which offers reasonable answers and practical information about massage therapy and clients who have cancer.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


   KeyWords   4
   LearningObjectives   5


   Normal Cell Growth and Development   7
   Neoplasia   8
   Signs and Symptoms of All Tumours   9
   Characteristics ofMalignancies   9
   Signs and Symptoms of Cancer   9


   Surgery   14
   Radiation Therapy   14
   Chemotherapy   16
   Effects of Radiation and Chemotherapy   17


   CouldMassage Therapy Promote CancerMetastasis?   19
    - Stage 1. Cell Shedding fromthe Primary Tumour.  21
    - Stage 2. Circulation in the Blood or Lymph Channels   22
    - Stage 3. Implantation at a Secondary Site   23
    - Summary ofMetastasis Risk Information   24
   HowDoesMassage Therapy InteractwithMedical Treatment?   25
    - Surgery   25
    - Radiation   27
    - Chemotherapy.  28
   What is Good Case History Taking in a Cancer Case?   30
   What DoesMassage Therapy Have to Offer?   32
   Are There Special Concerns for Palliative Care?   35
   General Guidelines forMassage TherapyTreatment Applications   36




INDEX   67

About the Author


Debra Curties

Phone:  1.888.649.5411
Fax:  1.416.923.8116


Debra Curties has been a massage therapist since graduating from Sutherland-Chan School in Toronto in 1984 and successfully completing registration requirements in Ontario and British Columbia. Prior to becoming a massage therapist, her work experiences included community work with homeless and troubled teenagers and instructing in Women’s Studies at the University of Toronto and York University. Her inclinations and interests found a natural integration in massage therapy education.

Debra has been teaching Pathology/Clinical Theory at Sutherland-Chan since 1987. She is currently also Sutherland-Chan’s Executive Director and a co-owner. Her love of teaching and the massage therapy profession have been reflected in many of the roles she has assumed in the past 20+ years, including President of the American Massage Therapy Association’s Council of Schools and trustee of the Massage Therapy Foundation. Debra has participated in numerous committees and projects on behalf of massage therapy education in Canada, for example, the committee that developed the original Ontario Core Curriculum Agreement, the expert panel that reviewed the CMTO Standards of Practice, the Ontario Tripartite Committee and the CMTA Accreditation Sub-Committee.

In demand as a continuing education presenter, Debra teaches workshops across North America. She is the author of two textbooks, Massage Therapy and Cancer and Breast Massage, as well as numerous articles in public and professional publications. She is also a founding owner of Curties-Overzet Publications.

Debra has been honoured as a recipient of the Ontario Massage Therapist Association’s Meritorious Service Award and the AMTA Council of Schools Meritorious Service Award.