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Trail Guide to the Body - 5th Edition

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By: Andrew Biel, L.M.P.
Soft Cover
440 pages with 1,400 illustrations
ISBN # 978-0-9829786-5-8

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Product Description

A hands-on guide to locating muscles, bones and more. This acclaimed book delivers beautifully illustrated information for learning the muscular and skeletal systems. It makes learning the essential manual therapy skills interesting, memorable and easy.

This fifth edition has added sections on the muscles of fascial expression and of the pelvic floor. The illustrations use colour highlights and there are illustrations showing practitioners how to position their clients and themselves to access specific body parts. There are also information capsules about when muscles are frequently used (or overused) in daily life.

New for the fifth edition:

The 5th edition includes trigger point information as an addendum in the back.

  • e-XPLORE – Our online student resources includes the content from the Trail Guide DVD, the audio content from the Trail Guide Audio CD’s, and muscle overlay images. This content is free to customers who purchase the Trail Guide textbook. They will find information on how to access e-XPLORE within the textbook.
  • Minor revisions of illustrations.
  • Page numbers. Other than additional pages at the back of the text for the trigger point addendum, none of the page numbers have changed from the 4th edition to the 5th edition. This makes the transition seamless for instructors.

Please note the Trail Guide DVD is not included with the 5th edition.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Tour Guide Tips   1

How To Use This Book   2
Key 3 Palpation Hints   4
Creating Your Palpatory Journal   9
Exploring the Textural Differences of Structures   10
Learning Objectives   18

Chapter 1: Navigating the Body   19

Regions of the Body   20
Planes of Movement   21
Directions and Positions   21
Movements of the Body   23
Systems of the Body   32
The Skeletal System   32
Types of Joints   34
The Muscular System   35
The Fascial System   38
The Cardiovascular System   40
The Nervous System   42
The Lymphatic System   43

Chapter 2: Shoulder & Arm   45

Topographical Views   46
Exploring the Skin and Fascia   47
Bones of the Shoulder and Arm   48
The Scapula   49
The Humerus and Clavicle   50
Bony Landmark Trails   51
Muscles of the Shoulder and Arm   61
Synergists—Muscles Working Together   63
Deltoid   67
Trapezius   68
Latissimus Dorsi and Teres Major   71
Rotator Cuff Muscles   74
Rotator Cuff Tendons   79
Rhomboid Major and Minor   82
Levator Scapula   83
Serratus Anterior   86
Sternalis   88
Pectoralis Major   89
Pectoralis Minor   92
Subclavius   94
Biceps Brachii   95
Triceps Brachii   97
Coracobrachialis   99
Other Structures of the Shoulder and Arm   100

Chapter 3: Forearm & Hand   107

Topographical Views   108
Exploring the Skin and Fascia   109
Bones of the Forearm and Hand   110
Bony Landmarks   111
The Ulna and Radius   112
Bony Landmark Trails   113
Muscles of the Forearm and Hand   127
Synergists—Muscles Working Together   130
Brachialis   132
Brachioradialis   133
Distinguishing Between the Flexor and Extensor Groups of the Forearm   134
Extensors of the Wrist and Fingers   135
Anconeus   139
Extensor Indicis   139
Flexors of the Wrist and Fingers   140
Pronator Teres   146
Pronator Quadratus   147
Supinator   147
Muscles of the Thumb and Hand   149
Muscles of the Thumb   151
Muscles of the Hand   157
Other Structures of the Forearm and Hand   160

Chapter 4: Spine & Thorax   167

Topographical Views   168
Exploring the Skin and Fascia   169
Bones of the Spine and Thorax   170
Bony Landmarks   171
Bony Landmark Trails   174
Muscles of the Spine and Thorax   188
Synergists—Muscles Working Together   194
Erector Spinae Group   196
Transversospinalis Group   200
Splenius Capitis and Cervicis   203
Suboccipitals   205
Quadratus Lumborum   207
Abdominals   209
Diaphragm   213
Intercostals   215
Serratus Posterior Superior and Inferior   216
Intertransversarii   217
Interspinalis   217
Other Structures of the Spine and Thorax   218

Chapter 5: Head, Neck & Face   225

Topographical View   226
Exploring the Skin and Fascia   227
Bones and Bony Landmarks of the Head, Neck and Face   228
Bony Landmark Trails  230
Muscles of the Head, Neck and Face   240
Synergists—Muscles Working Together   242
Sternocleidomastoid   244
Scalenes   246
Masseter   250
Temporalis   251
Suprahyoids and Digastric   253
Infrahyoids   255
Platysma   257
Occipitofrontalis   258
Medial and Lateral Pterygoids   259
Longus Capitis and Longus Colli   260
Muscles of Facial Expression   261
Other Structures of the Head, Neck and Face   270

Chapter 6: Pelvis & Thigh   275

Topographical Views   276
Exploring the Skin and Fascia   277
Bones of the Pelvis and Thigh   278
Bony Landmarks of the Pelvis and Thigh   279
Bony Landmarks of the Hip   281
The Sacrum and Coccyx   282
The Femur   283
Bony Landmark Trails   284
Muscles of the Pelvis and Thigh   296
Perineum and Pelvic Floor   300
Synergists—Muscles Working Together   302
Quadriceps Femoris Group   306
Hamstrings   311
Gluteals   315
Adductor Group   319
Tensor Fasciae Latae and Iliotibial Tract   324
Sartorius   326
Tendons of the Posterior Knee   327
Lateral Rotators of the Hip   328
Iliopsoas   332
Other Structures of the Pelvis and Thigh   336

Chapter 7: Leg & Foot   343

Topographical Views   344
Exploring the Skin and Fascia   345
Bones of the Knee, Leg and Foot   346
The Tibia, Fibula and Patella   347
Bony Landmarks of the Knee and Leg   348
Bony Landmark Trails of the Knee   349
Bones and Bony Landmarks of the Ankle and Foot   354
Bony Landmark Trails of the Ankle and Foot   356
Muscles of the Leg and Foot   366
Synergists—Muscles Working Together   369
Gastrocnemius   371
Soleus   371
Plantaris   374
Popliteus   375
Peroneus Longus and Brevis   376
Extensors of the Ankle and Toes   378
Flexors of the Ankle and Toes   381
Muscles of the Foot   384
Other Muscles of the Foot   390
Other Structures of the Knee and Leg   392
Other Structures of the Ankle and Foot   398
Muscles of Facial Expression Attachment Sites   407
Synergists—Muscles Working Together   408

Glossary of Terms   412

Pronunciation and Etymology   414

Bibliography   418

Index   420